Chuck Leaver is a very experienced businessman

Posted by - Admin / August 30th, 2013

Chuck Leaver is a very experienced businessman who has worked in many companies. He has experience in a variety of positions in those companies, too, ranging from entry-level positions to senior leadership. Chuck Leaver is currently the CEO of Ziften, which is a high tech software solutions company. He has also previously served as the Chairman of the Board of Directors for Ziften, too. Prior to working with Ziften, Chuck Leaver was a Partner with Trellis Partners, which is a venture capital firm based out of Austin, Texas. Chuck Leaver was a respected member of the team at Trellis Partners and contributed in major ways to their success. Chuck Leaver has brought a lot to the table for Ziften, just as he did for Trellis Partners, in terms of experience and expertise. He has three decades of entrepreneurial experience to lean upon when times get tough and decisions must be made. He has also worked in both advisory and senior leadership roles for companies in high tech, media, and mobile industries. These are roles in which he has performed admirably.

It was in 1982 that Chuck Leaver‘s business career really took off in the high tech industry. The experience he has gained since that time has been integral to his later success. The sales and management side of business is something he’s very familiar with. He has extensive experience with infrastructure technologies, gaming, application software, web application development, ERP, and E-Learning. Chuck Leaver has shown he can push technological entrepreneurship further than it has gone in the past and has international business experience to boot.